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Homework Boom is the complete app to motivate your child to study and progress in school. Increase motivation, grades and confidence!
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Harvard University Research Study about the concept of earning by learning


The study shows that incentivizing students does not ruin their love for learning. A year after paying students to read and pass a comprehension test, earning-by-learning (EBL) students still outperformed students from the control group.

The study can be found here.

Homework Boom app is based on a similar idea.

Have tried everything, but can’t get your child to do his homework?

Lack of motivation in students is a common cause for poor performance. Parents are often too relaxed or always have something more important to do than checking their child’s homework. They are too quick to accept when their child says they are finished with their homework.

The idea is simple

Parents, grandparents and friends can become sponsors for students!

We’ve developed an app to create individual schedules that can be adapted to each and every set of conditions.

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With Homework Boom...

…we have developed a system that motivates kids to actually do their homework. They will even improve the quality of their work over time. The student takes responsibility for showing their parents their homework. You can sit back and wait. Your job is simply to look for positive approaches to identify, document and ultimately to reward. All in one app!

Ready to boost your child's motivation to study?
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Why does Homework Boom promise success?

Homework Boom does not require any major changes in the daily family life and is easy to implement. It turns the torture of homework into sweet success. It’s the perfect tool for students who are lacking motivation. Different solutions need to be found for children who are overwhelmed by the subject matter.


Benefits of using Homework Boom

Motivation boost
Better grades
More confidence
Faster progress

How it works?

Boosting your child’s motivation to study has never been easier. Sponsorships motivate children to learn and improve their grades in school.

How much should a sponsor give?

The parents should decide for themselves what the perfect amount is, based on family’s conditions.

The amount should be high enough so the child’s goals can be achieved easily.


When should the student get his sponsor payment?

The payment date should be determined together. A weekly payout is recommended.

Younger children can receive their sponsor amount earlier. There’s never a problem with a payout if it helps to motivate the child.

The student should decide for himself what he does with his money.



Alexander is longing for a game that his parents think is unintelligent and a waste of money. His parents should not try to change his mind about the game. The money itself won’t attract very many children. They can fulfill a lot of their wishes with the money.

Think about it and see it as an opportunity. Alexander has something that motivates him, a goal that will push him to do his best. In turn, he learns to satisfy his own wishes, to set goals and to work to achieve them.

By using the app on a daily basis, children recognize and learn to appreciate their work. One achievement creates motivation for the next. And payday helps to enhance that motivation.

The peak of motivation is when the child ultimately achieves his goal.

Search positive aspects

Criticism is not helpful. Parents should look for other positive approaches in order to relax the situation and build trust. In doing so, they will notice improvement quickly. Maybe they’ll also witness the student develop a new excitement in completing his assignments. The child should never be afraid to show his parents the homework.

Try to look past the mistakes sometimes. Celebrate successes and the fact that they completed their homework.


No further conditions

Parents should not come up with any other conditions that the child needs to meet.


No homework. Can Homework Boom still help anyway?

Some students don’t have homework because they attend a full-day school. Others have very little to no homework. A good way to improve performance with the help of Homework Boom is through practice and studying.

For example, there are online class tutorials that can be fun too. With good programs and courses, the student can work independently and decide for himself which level he should work on. It’s better to complete a 5-10 minute lesson every day than to study once a week for an hour. Students can overcome difficulty at the beginning if the lessons are short. The brain can absorb information in small amounts easier, which also helps the learning to continue subconsciously.

Sponsors conform completed sessions in the app on a daily basis by clicking on “Homework done.” Soon, the joy of making progress will become just as exciting as receiving the reward.

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Would you like to know more?

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